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The 'Viewable with Any Browser' campaignA campaign dedicated to explaining how and why you should build websites which are not tied to specific web browsers.
The Web PaletteA helpful web page showing the relationships between the 216 'safe' colours you can use on web pages.
W3C's HTML ValidatorAn online tool provided by the W3C which checks web pages conform to the standards, and lists any errors it finds.
W3C's Cascading Style Sheet ValidatorAn online tool similar to the HTML validator, but this time for validating cascading style sheets.
AChecker - website accessibility testerAn online tool which can test web pages and warn of potential problems which may arise when the page is viewed by someone with special needs.
W3C - The World Wide Web ConsortiumThe definitive site for information about the world wide web. Contains everything from the technical standards to helpful tutorials.
Character Entity definitions (how to represent special characters in HTML)Many special characters (most of which are not available on your keyboard) need to be specified as entities. For example, ® is specified as ®. This page has the list - albeit in a rather technical format!
Cascading Style Sheet tutorialA W3C tutorial on using cascading style sheets by Dave Raggett.
Cascading Style Sheet referenceA quick reference list of the properties you can control with a cascading stylesheet.
W3 SchoolsA site full of tutorials and references on html and web development.
CSS Zen GardenExamples of the astonishing variations possible by just changing the stylesheet.

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Note that this course was written in 2003, and things have moved on since then! You might like to check out this site for a more up to date html overview.

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